Youth Series

The Business China Youth Series is a serial event that engages experienced speakers who are armed with deep knowledge and insights in their respective fields to share an array of topics curated for youths. Through the Youth Series, we aim to prepare and equip youths with various practical skills to be career and global-ready in this time and age, while exposing them to other topics including - understanding the Chinese market, history and culture, technology and new trends and Career Advancement.

Liaison Officer Programme

The Business China Liaison Officer Programme offers youths first-hand experience with Business China flagship events. As a speaker liaison officer, youth can expect to glean industrial insights from our esteemed speakers, engage them and contribute to providing a seamless speaker experience during the event.

School Outreach

To nurture a critical mass of China-ready young Singaporeans and promote the importance of biculturalism and bilingualism, Business China works closely with schools to conduct several outreach sharing sessions to help students who are about to embark on immersion/exchange/internship programmes in China to advance their knowledge of the country.

Youth Series Event Highlights