Inaugural FCALP Alumni Club Event Welcome Remarks by Ms Sun Xueling, CEO, Business China

20 Oct 2017


1. 首先,我谨代表通商中国,感谢各位拨出宝贵的时间出席这次聚会,也衷心感谢大家一直以来给予通商中国的支持和帮助。

2. 慧眼中国高级领袖研修班,从2012年开办至今,已经有135位学员加入了通商中国的大家庭。今晚在场的校友们,有些结业三五年了,有的今年5月刚结业,很高兴今晚六届学员朋友们共济一堂,探讨中国“十九大”之后的经商环境。

3. 十九大正在北京召开,相信中国政府会陆续宣布一系列的计划和调整,这会对中国政治、经济、贸易、社会等多个领域产生深远影响,也为新中的商业合作带来新的商机和挑战。所以今天大家来到这里,探讨中国“十九大”之后的经商环境,是非常有意义的。

4. 在座的各位,很多经常往返中国,看到了中国在互联网科技、电子商务、共享经济、智能城市等领域方面的迅速发展。希望大家能把您的所见所闻分享给更多新加坡人知道,让更多人了解中国的发展,从中探索在中国经商发展的可能性。

5. 习近平先生在十九大开幕会上说:“中国开放的大门不会关闭,只会越开越大”,“积极促进一带一路国际合作,打造国际合作新平台,增添共同发展新动力”。

6. 李显龙总理在今年的通商中国慧眼中国论坛上也对一带一路政策做出了高度评价。接下来,我相信新中双方在共建“一带一路”方面,会有多方面、多层次的合作。

7. 此外,新加坡明年会兼任亚细安轮值主席国。所以在打造国际合作平台方面,与中国政府也有潜在的合作空间。

8. I would also like to take this opportunity to update all our friends here, about new developments at Business China. To better serve our business community in Singapore, we have reoriented our efforts and now have three key pillars.

9. First to continue to strengthen Singapore-China mutual understanding through platforms such as the FutureChina Global Forum and also through supporting the work of our Singapore-China Bilateral Councils.

10. Second, to provide relevant information of developments in China and how they provide opportunities for Singapore through monthly dialogues anchored by luminary speakers. We have had three such dialogues already and, in early November, will have Foreign Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan share with participants what lies ahead for Singapore following the 19th Party Congress.

11. Thirdly, we will continue to support capability development to ensure young Singaporeans have the means to become China-ready. We are thus partnering Institutes of Higher Learning and corporates to develop internship opportunities in China for young Singaporeans and also rolling out suitable courses in Singapore for PMETS.

12. To support the work of these three pillars, Business China has recruited new staff with relevant competencies. They are Alice Chan and Wilfred Chua, previously with International Enterprise Singapore. Song Zhanyong from the content division of Singapore Press Holdings and Liang Yi from National University of Singapore.

13. Together, we hope that we can work with you to continue to ensure that Singapore and Singaporeans have a role to play in an environment where a rising China impacts geo-political and economic factors in the region.

14. And lastly, I would like to thank the ALP ExCo led by Joseph Koh for spearheading tonight’s event and the many contributions of members such as Fiona, Ruby, Michael, Anne, Boon Pin and Soon Heng.

15. Thank you all and please stay in touch!