Factsheet on launch of Business China Commemorative Microsite for 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Singapore-China Relations

8 Dec 2020


Business China launches a commemorative microsite (https://sgchina30.businesschina.org.sg) to mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Singapore-China relations on 8 December 2020.

The Business China commemorative microsite:
a. Documents the various trajectories of Singapore-China economic relations over the past three decades
b. Features Singapore’s role in the Belt and Road Initiative and Singapore-China partnership in third-country collaborations
c. Highlights the role of Business China in facilitating Singapore-China economic and cultural relations and spearheading initiatives to promote bilingualism and biculturalism

The interactive format of the microsite comprising short video and over 35 written interviews and commentaries will allow the business community, general public, including youths of Singapore and China; and the region to have a better and easier understanding of Singapore-China relations, through personal experiences and anecdotes of leaders from the political, business, social and cultural communities in Singapore and China; inspiring stories of Singaporeans and Chinese as Citizen Ambassadors manifesting the spirit of Singapore in China, as well as manifesting the spirit of China in Singapore respectively; and milestones and achievements in the establishment of the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Key highlights of content include messages penned by Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong and PRC Premier, Li Keqiang; foreword by Chairman of Business China, Lee Yi Shyan; insights from Singapore’s and Chinese political figures; and relevant themes:Excellent, Multi-faceted Singapore-China Bilateral Relations

a. Singapore and China established formal diplomatic relations 30 years ago. For Singapore, which has been an independent nation for only 55 years, this is a longstanding friendship, especially considering that the ties between the two countries go back much further.

b. Singapore’s Business Ventures in China
▪ Singapore has played an important role during China’s reform and opening up. International trade and foreign investment have been the twin growth drivers in the country’s economic development, and investment by Singapore companies has been growing rapidly since the 1990s. In fact, Singapore became China’s biggest source of foreign direct investment from 2013 to 2019.

c. Partnership in the Region and Beyond
▪ The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a symbol of China’s ascent in the 21st century, is also at the forefront of growing cooperation between Singapore and China. China’s investment in the countries along the Belt and Road has not only provided business opportunities for both countries, it has also brought out the complementary and synergistic effects produced by the two countries working together in a third market.

d. Singapore-China People-to-People Exchange
▪ Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Singapore and China in 1990, bilateral ties between both countries have grown from strength to strength. Private, non-government exchanges have also greatly increased. It is estimated more than 10,000 Singaporeans currently live in Beijing and Shanghai, while the number of Chinese nationals residing in Singapore is estimated to exceed 380,000.

e. Business China
▪ Singapore’s relationship with China does not start or end with diplomacy and trade; people-to-people exchanges also form crucial links in the chain. In fact, they are the foundation of the bilateral relationship. Business China, grassroots organisations and community associations also play an active part in deepening mutual understanding and friendship, building more sustained connections.

f. Milestones
▪ Milestones between Singapore and China are chronicled through an interactive timeline.

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