Our youths represent the future of Singapore and the coming generations. We hope to hear each Youth Speak, express themselves and voice out their opinions on this platform. We aim to nurture a group of Singapore-China Savvy talents who are able to put their bilingual skills to good use and develop deeper links with China.


Facilitate the development of China-ready and China-savvy young Singaporeans

For students and young working professionals, Business China offers programmes that aim to motivate and facilitate mass understanding of China among Singaporean youths, nurture China-conversant young Singaporeans through competency-building platforms, and cultivate a China-ready Singaporean workforce through in-market immersion opportunities.

  • Facilitate mass understanding of China among Singaporean youths.
  • Nurture China-conversant young Singaporeans through targeted competency-building platforms.
  • Cultivate a China-ready Singaporean workforce through in-market immersion opportunities.
China Knowledge Forum
Engagement on China-Readiness
Business China Summer School Scholarship
Business China Youth Chapter
Youth Interns Exchange Scheme
Business China Youth Showdown
BCYC Learning Journey


Join as a member to be part of the initiative to nurture an inclusive bilingual and bicultural group of Singaporeans.

Event Highlights

For Youths
19 January 2021

BCYC Knowledge Exchange Collective – China’s Political Economy

For Youths
26 November 2020

“Intelligent Planning Should Be At the Heart of Urban Planning” – Dr Liu Thai Ker at Closed-Door Dialogue Session with BCYC

For Youths
24 November 2020

Business China Youth Series - Owning your future: Different Pathways to Success

For Youths
23 November 2020

BCYC Knowledge Exchange Collective – The Belt and Road Initiative

For Youths
28 October 2020

Business China Youth Series: Reinventing Yourself: Who will you be Post-COVID-19?

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