For Youths
20 Aug 2020

Successful conclusion of the Singapore-Nanjing 5G + XR Competition 2020

The finals and awards ceremony of the Singapore-Nanjing 5G + XR Competition 2020 was held live on 13 August 2020 in Nanjing and Singapore virtually. The competition was jointly hosted by Business China and Nanjing Association for Science and Technology to promote in-depth cooperation in technological innovation and accelerate the development of high-end technology in both Singapore and China.

Business China CEO Ms Tin Pei Ling pointed out in her opening remarks that other than allowing youths of both countries to collaborate on 5G and AR/VR technologies, it is also a platform for them to interact and develop friendships.

A total of 37 participating teams from 30 educational institutions from Singapore and China participated in the competition, with 16 teams eventually qualifying for the finals.

The teams utilised 5G and AR/VR technologies to submit various entries that encompass various elements of history and culture. Trainings were organised for contestants before the finals, to coach them on the methods and skills of using content creation tools. The coaching aims to improve the players' operational skills and innovation ability, and to deepen their understanding of the broad future development prospects of AR/VR technology.

All 5 Singapore representative teams performed outstandingly in the finals, with Team J from Singapore Polytechnic clinching an award in the first prize category with their work “The Invisible”, which aims to encourage people to pay more attention to the marginalised group of people using AR technology. Alongside the first prize category was Nanjing University of Science and Technology team火箭404 represented by their work "Fireworks".

"HorizonAR", presented by the Singapore team HelloHolo, aims to use AR technology to project road signs, directions and advertisement sign boards via the AR wearables has won the second prize. Other submissions such as "Virtual Reality Driving" by Francis Lee, a graduate of National University of Singapore, "AR Biology Textbook AR" by 鹿小葵加油队, and "Vourist Tour" by 百灵果 were awarded the Third prize respectively.

This competition strengthened cooperation between young talents in Singapore and Nanjing in the fields of technological innovation and cultural creativity, promoting the development of original design products of 5G technology between the two parties. Business China hopes that this competition served as a platform to cultivate innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial talents as well as inspire our youths in pursuing their dreams using technological edge and benefit the community.