17 Sep 2020

Highlights of FutureChina Global Forum (FCGF) 2020 (Special Virtual Edition) Day 3

The FutureChina Global Forum (FCGF) 2020 (Special Virtual Edition), themed “A Resilient Future: Post-Pandemic Transformation & Opportunities in China and ASEAN”, continued with Day 3 today virtually.

During In Conversation with Minister Chan Chun Sing: Capturing opportunities innovatively in a more resilient ASEAN-China economy with Singapore, moderated by Mr Robin Hu, Senior Managing Director and Head, Sustainability & Stewardship Group, Temasek International. Minister Chan is also Guest-of-Honour of FCGF 2020 Day 3. In these times of global fracture, ASEAN has an important role to play on the international stage – as an integrator, said Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing, Guest-of-Honour of Day 3 of the Forum. Speaking at a dialogue moderated by Mr Robin Hu, Senior Managing Director and Head, Sustainability & Stewardship Group, Temasek International on the third and last day of the FutureChina Global Forum, Minister Chan noted that the region is well placed to seize growth opportunities, given its close relationship to China, which is determined to remain connected with the rest of the world.

During the Panel Discussion titled “New Globalisation and Data-Enabled Services – the future of Global Flow” - Panellists, comprising H.E. Winston Set Aung, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry, Myanmar; Mr Andy Yan, Chairman, Zall Holdings; Mr Ravi Thakran, Chairman, LVMH South & Southeast Asia; H.E. Cesar Purisima, Former Secretary of Finance, Republic of the Philippines; Founding Partner, IKHLAS Capital, at a discussion themed "New Globalisation and Data-Enabled Services – the future of Global Flow" after the dialogue added that with Covid-19 accelerating digitalisation efforts in the region, ASEAN’s share of economic activity within Asia has also expanded, as it moves closer towards its vision of becoming the hub of Asian trade.

During the Thematic Roundtable Discussion titled “Exploring the 5G/6G-enabled possibilities between the East and West”– The pandemic has brought tensions between the United States and China to a boiling point. But in a world where geopolitical power is increasingly linked to technological advancement, rival superpowers need to put aside their differences and adopt a singular approach to the implementation of 5G and 6G technology. This will help bridge the global technological divide and improve connectivity around the world, said panellists, including Mr Walter Fang, Vice Chairman, Edge Computing Consortium; Mr Paul Michael Scanlan, Chief Technology Officer, Carrier Network Business Unit, Huawei Technologies; Mr Sandeep Girotra, Senior Vice President of Strategic Sales Transformation, Nokia; Dr Guy K. Diedrich, Vice President, Global Innovation Officer, Cisco Systems, at a discussion on the possibilities of 5G and 6G. Implementing uniformed global standards of 5G and 6G applications in the East and West and encouraging the collaboration in innovation between countries will help open new possibilities for individuals and enterprises.

In another parallel Thematic Roundtable Discussion titled “Omni channel powers the next wave of growth in retail and supply chain” - COVID-19 is a one-off disruption, but geopolitics is here to stay with businesses responding to a new normal where the United States and China are both jostling for supremacy. How do retailers adapt to this change? Through an agile omnichannel approach using data that bridges the gap between the supply chain and retail companies, say panellists, including Mr James Chang, Chief Executive Officer, Lazada Singapore; Mr Lai Chang Wen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ninja Van; Mr Sun Qinglei, Deputy General Manager, Mai Tian Group; Ms Rana Karadsheh, Regional Industry Director Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services Asia Pacific, International Finance Corporation; Mr Jeffrey Tan, Head Corporate Development & Technology, YCH Group, on the third and final day of the FutureChina Global Forum. Using big data, real-time information enables a seamless cycle from production to sale, while providing a hyper-personalised experience for customers.