15 Jul 2020

FC Global Business Series:Respond, Reset and Renew: New Consumerism in Post-Covid-19 China and ASEAN

The details of the 4th webinar are as follows:

Date               : 28 July 2020, Tuesday

Time                : 2.00pm – 3.30pm (Singapore Time)

Theme            : Respond, Reset and Renew: New Consumerism in Post-Covid-19 China and ASEAN

Synopsis         :

The coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn have hit sales hard off a cliff. Consumers are increasingly moving from physical retail to ecommerce retail or B2B online space.  The pandemic has expedited the changes in retail and commercial environment, and many retailers will find themselves falling further and further behind if they do not jump on the bandwagon. Online presence is crucial to current commercial or retail operators. To succeed in the competitive marketplace, wholesalers and retailers also need to integrate their O2O experience seamlessly.  Consumers are often spoilt for choices with easy manoeuvre within a few clicks.  It is necessary for the online marketplace to enhance their quality and speed of delivery of their services or products.  Retailers are constantly presenting new experiences with latest technologies to engage their consumers through omnipresence.  To meet the needs of the shifting consumerism, businesses must act swiftly to provide a robust end-to-end experience that consumers demand.

The webinar co-organised by Business China and EDB will explore how the current crisis is reshaping trends of the retail landscape with a bigger online presence and pave the way for other markets; and how the new normal can stimulate struggling economies and redefine the future consumerism through changing consumer behaviour and habits.

This event marks the fourth of a new series of webinars launched by Business China, titled FC Global Business Series, which focuses on sharing the latest trends and insights concerning China, ASEAN and the world.

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