24 March 2019
For Youths

Choice is more important than hard work” - Closed-door Sharing with Business China Youth Chapter by Mr Lei Ming

25 members from the Business China Youth Chapter (BCYC) participated in a closed-door dialogue session with Mr Lei Ming, a renowned angel investor, co-founder of Baidu, founder of KuWo, a member of AI Singapore International Advisory Panel, and the current Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Centre, Peking University. During the session on 24 March 2019, Mr Lei Ming shared many insights on the personal development for youths, and also on AI development and entrepreneurship.

Mr Lei Ming emphasised that choices are more important than effort. He elaborated that since the world is full of diligent and intelligent people, pursuing a safe path would naturally derive above average results. If one dares to take risks, then would there be bigger rewards to be reaped. Life would therefore be more exciting and fulfilling.

Mr Lei Ming went on to explain his personal take on how to achieve success.

He stated the importance of understanding and embracing the general trend – which explains why does he spend so much of his time on AI. Once there is a good understanding of the current trends, personal efforts would thereby be made more meaningful and fruitful; past lessons should also be taken into consideration. A clear understanding of both the individual and the world are equally important.

As for how he determines whether an entrepreneur is worth investing in, Mr Lei Ming shared three quality: intellect, ambition and character. The reasons being while setting up a company, an entrepreneur will have to make countless decisions that may make or break the firm; intelligent people would have higher chances of making the right decisions. In confronting inevitable roadblocks, entrepreneurs with ambition are more driven to achieve success. Lastly, having a character of integrity is the foundation of angel investment.

When discussing the relationship between personal choice and historical trends, Mr Lei Ming shared his personal experience of giving up several full scholarships for overseas study to join founding team of Baidu, and choosing to pursue an MBA at Stanford before returning to China to start KuWo Music (酷我音乐) upon graduation. Such decisions contributed to his role of directing AI related innovations and developments at Peking University.

Mr Lei Ming engaged his young audience with wise advices and suggestions, and his rich life experiences that has made his sharing more relatable and compelling.

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This article is contributed by Business China Youth Chapter member Li MuHan