For Youths
22 Jul 2020

Business China Youth Series – Understanding the Modern History of Singapore and China through TV Series ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ and ‘The Little Nyonya’

Business China organised the second Youth Series titled “Understanding the Modern History of Singapore and China through the ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ and ‘The Little Nyonya’” via Zoom on the evening of 20 July 2020.

The invited speakers of the session were Mr Sim Sihan, President of Qing History Society (Singapore) and Dr Koh Chin Yee, Vice President of South Seas Society (Singapore). The session was moderated by Ms Lin Ziqi, Director of Operations of Business China Youth Chapter.

The Youth Series focuses on the history of Singapore and China based on the recent famous dramas “Story of Yanxi Palace” and “The Little Nyonya”. Over 140 participants, including Business China Youth Chapter members, students, young working adults and teachers had the opportunity to learn about the wave of Chinese emigration to Southeast Asia in the late Qing Dynasty, as well as the bilateral exchanges between Singapore and China over the years.

Mr Sim provided an overview of the Qing Dynasty and the dynamics of relationships in the palace. He also highlighted how drama series such as the Yanxi Palace offer viewers a glimpse of history even though some portions might have been romanticised. Dr Koh Chin Yee shared about the brief history of the Nyonya and Baba and how the Peranakan culture has integrated into Singaporeans’ lives. He also pointed out the Peranakan heritage of several Singapore's prominent figures who played important roles in Singapore's history.

During the Q&A session, both speakers emphasised the importance of learning history and preserving culture. Understanding the past increases our cultural awareness and moral understanding of the world we live in. It also allows us to appreciate our roots and learn the important lessons and experience from the people in the past. They believe that history plays an important part in shaping our future.

Business China Youth Series aims to cultivate and heighten the interest of bilingualism and biculturalism among youths, and ignite a passion in them to take action in their various pursuits. Experienced speakers, armed with deep knowledge and insights in their respective fields, are invited to share on an array of topics curated for youths, such as - Understanding of the China Market, Singapore-China Relations, History and Culture, Technology and New Trends and Career Advancement. Through this Series, Business China aims to prepare and equip youths with various practical skills to be career and global-ready in this time and age.