For Youths
17 Aug 2020

Business China Youth Series – Dialogue with Minister Ong Ye Kung

Business China organised the third Youth Series - Dialogue Session with Minister for Transport Mr Ong Ye Kung on 6 August. The session titled “Opportunities amidst challenges – Positioning for The Post-COVID Economy” was moderated by the President of Business China Youth Chapter (BCYC), Mr Lien Zhou Han. The session was well received with an attendance of over 300 participants, including Business China Youth Chapter members, IHLs students, teachers, and fresh graduates.

Business China Chairman Mr Lee Yi Shyan kickstarted the session with a welcome address. In face of the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, Mr Lee highlighted that in order to get ahead, youths must continuously learn and pick up new skills and knowledge in a world today that is fast changing and shaped by various technologies. He also pointed out that mastering bilingualism (i.e. English and Mandarin) would be useful for youths to tap on various opportunities in China as well as those in the region arising from China’s economic rise.

Participants had the opportunity to engage Minister Ong on a range of topics including the challenges and opportunities for youths in the current pandemic as well as the various initiatives and schemes that youths could tap on in order to thrive and succeed in the post-COVID economy.

When asked about how schools are preparing youths to thrive in the digital economy, Minister Ong commented that COVID-19 has sped up the need for schools to embrace digital transformation. Minister Ong said that digital literacy does not equate to learning coding or programming. He added that the most important element lies in an individual’s passion in learning and the curiosity to learn for life. Cyber-wellness, cross-cultural skills and moral values will also help in building a good foundation in this digitalisation journey, said Minister Ong.

During the dialogue session, Minister Ong cited his own career experience, spanning both the public and private sectors, to point out that that it is crucial for youths to possess a positive attitude and continue to develop their strengths and niches. These can be applied throughout one’s career, regardless of jobs and positions.

Many questions raised during the Q&A session focused on how youths could position themselves to seize current opportunities and in the post-COVID economy. Minister Ong shared that youths should keep an open and positive mindset, which includes taking up traineeships. This would provide good learning opportunities and prepare themselves for their future career. Minister Ong also shared that there are ongoing discussions to provide more traineeship opportunities in the transport sector.

Business China Youth Series aims to cultivate and heighten the interest of bilingualism and biculturalism among youths and ignite a passion in them to further their various pursuits. Experienced speakers, armed with deep knowledge and insights in their respective fields, are invited to share on an array of topics curated for youths, such as - Understanding of the China Market, Singapore-China Relations, History and Culture, Technology and New Trends and Career Advancement. Through this Series of talks, Business China aims to prepare and equip youths with various practical skills to be career and global-ready in this time and age. 

The next Business China Youth Series will be taking place in September. Please stay tuned and follow Business China’s Facebook page for more details!