For Youths
14 Jul 2020

Business China partnered Shopee for the first Business China Youth Series

Business China organised the inaugural Youth Series titled “Behind the Scenes of Shopee” via Zoom on the evening of 9 July 2020. The session featured three representatives from Shopee – Mr Lim Teck Yong, Head of Regional Operation and Head of People Team; Mr Li Chuang, Manager of Product Management Seller Group in Shopee’s Shenzhen office; and Mr Li Tao, Manager of Cross Border Category Management team.

Business China’s CEO Ms Tin Pei Ling shared in her welcome remarks, “On the back of a global pandemic, COVID-19 is affecting all of us. Whether you are currently studying or looking for a job, the younger generation today will have to wrestle with difficult questions and decisions. It is with this consideration that Business China has decided to kickstart the Youth Series, to cultivate and strengthen the interest of bilingualism and biculturalism among youths, and equip them with various practical skills to position themselves for the future.”

Mr Lim Teck Yong spoke on Shopee’s growth story over the years and the company’s recent development in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, while Mr Li Tao and Mr Li Chuang shared about the vibrant working environment in Shopee’s Shenzhen office which was established in 2016. Shopee’s Cross Border Team has grown tremendously from 2018 to 2019 by tapping on major sales events. The Shopee’s Shenzhen Development Centre comprises a young and competitive team where majority of the employees come from various academic background.

When asked about the skills that one should possess in the e-commerce sector given the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, Mr Lim opined that while e-commerce is relatively new in Southeast Asia as compared to China, there are not many e-commerce specialists in the region.  

However, he stressed the importance of the attitude towards learning; “The willingness to pick up and learn new skill is important. In Shopee, we value will over skill”. Knowledge in data science and the ability to process and extract data using tools like Python and SQL will be an advantage in understanding the e-commerce business better.

The webinar attracted an attendance of over 420 participants including Business China Youth Chapter members, students, young working adults and teachers.

Business China Youth Series aims to cultivate and heighten the interest of bilingualism and biculturalism among youths, and ignite a passion in them to take action in their various pursuits. Experienced speakers, armed with deep knowledge and insights in their relevant fields, are invited to share on an array of topics curated for youths, such as - Understanding of the China Market, Singapore-China Relations, History and Culture, Technology and New Trends and Career Advancement. Through this Series, Business China aims to prepare and equip youths with various practical skills to be career and global-ready in this time and age.

The upcoming Youth Series on 20 July 2020 titled “Understanding the Modern History of Singapore and China through the TV Series ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ and “The Little Nyonya’ ” focuses on the history of Singapore and China based on the famous dramas “Story of Yanxi Palace” and “The Little Nyonya. Invited speakers of the session include Mr Sim Shi Han, President of Qing History Society (Singapore); and Dr Koh Chin Yee, Vice President of South Seas Society (Singapore). Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the wave of Chinese emigration to Southeast Asia in the late Qing Dynasty, as well as the bilateral exchanges between Singapore and China.