19 May 2020

Business China organised Virtual Sharing with SingCham

On 12 May 2020, Business China collaborated with the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (SingCham) in organising a Virtual Sharing titled “在华新加坡企业对Covid-19的回顾与展望”.

The session featured the following panellists;

  • Mr Lim Chin Loon, Chairman of SingCham Guangzhou Chapter and Managing Director of Xinglian Steel Mesh (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd
  • Dr Koh Hau Tek, Treasurer of SingCham Shanghai Chapter and Chief Medical Officer of Jiahui Health
  • Mr Benjamin Chan, Member of SingCham Beijing Chapter and General Manager (China) of Singapore Airlines Ltd
  • Ms Elizabeth Law, China Correspondent of The Straits Times

The Virtual Sharing was held in Mandarin and attracted 450 registrants, which includes Business China members (young business leaders, senior executives of corporates and working professionals), SingCham members and youths.

At SGT 2pm, moderator Dr Koh Chin Yee, Managing Director of Cedarwoods Consultancy Pte Ltd kick-started the session with a brief description of the current Covid-19 situation and the extent to which Singapore had been affected by this global pandemic. Thereafter, the panellists began sharing their personal experiences living and working in China during the outbreak.

Having visited the Wuhan city before and after its lockdown, Ms Elizabeth Law felt a stark contrast in the locals’ lives as they were caught off-guard by the unprecedented outbreak. In addition, she shared that in recent months, the Chinese government had been focusing on preventing a second outbreak in the major cities. Mr Bernard Lim then shared about the situation in Shenzhen, as well as the effective measures implemented by the Chinese Government. These measures were applied to his company and had helped to minimise the further spread of Covid-19.

Working in the aviation industry that had been greatly hit by the pandemic, Mr Benjamin Chan raised several changes Singapore Airlines had made to its flight operations in China, including the reduction of number of flights in and out of China. Furthermore, he opined that the number of live Covid-19 cases in Singapore would have to be less than 5,000 before occupancy rate could start returning to 75%. This was followed by Dr Koh Hau Tek’s sharing, where he provided an update on the local healthcare industry in China and gave professional advice on the use of masks to prevent droplet spread.

Throughout the Q&A segment, the panellists expressed great confidence in China’s road to recovery post Covid-19. They continued to discuss on how the upcoming “two sessions” (两会) will provide some concrete steps on the easing of some Covid-19 economic restrictions.

While addressing a question on the future trends in China post Covid-19, one point raised by Mr Bernard Lim, was the greater use of technology, specifically 5G, to spur the global economic growth after Covid-19. Of which, Mr Benjamin Chan revealed Singapore Airlines’ potential move towards technology and big data for their future flight operations.

As a closing remark, the panellists agreed on the great potential of China’s market. Ms Elizabeth Law shared her opinion on the rise of electric vehicles and automated vehicles in future China, while Mr Benjamin Chan expressed confidence in the gradual resumption of airline operations in the coming months.

Dr Koh Hau Teck believed that Covid-19 had raised public awareness of the importance of personal hygiene. Last but not least, Mr Bernard Lim gave his thoughts on the rise of Asia as a global leading consumer market, where China had a strong presence in.

The session lasted for one hour and fifteen minutes, providing participants a better understanding of the lives of locals and current situation of various industries in China.