3 Dec 2019

Business China facilitates new avenues of business connectivity between Singapore and Guangxi

Business China Chairman, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, attended and gave a speech at the Promotion Conference on “Jointly Building and Sharing the Open Financial Door to ASEAN and China-ASEAN Information Harbour” today. In his speech, he talked about how Singapore and Guangxi can further work together under the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor. Further collaboration can be done in many sectors, including smart logistics, smart cities, data communications, financial innovation, professional services and airline industry, which will enhance the bilateral relationship and increase business flow between the two regions. 

At the event, Mr Lee had an interaction session with Mr Qin Rupei, Executive Vice-President and Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangxi Committee. They discussed how both Singapore and Guangxi can work together to promote the land-sea trade corridor through increasing international air flight frequency between both countries. Mr Qin also urged Singapore and Guangxi companies to work together to facilitate deep cooperation, especially on connectivity between the Beibu Gulf Port and the Port of Singapore. In addition, he hopes that there can be better financial integration and currency exchanges, more information sharing, connectivity and regulatory interactions in the financial sector, and more people-to-people exchanges and mutual setting of institutions in the financial sector.

In addition, Mr Lee witnessed the launch of a new research institute international operating centre in Guangxi and the signing of 6 MOUs. 

The theme for this event is “Sharing financial opening-up & facilitating information cooperation”.