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30 Jul 2018

Business China Dialogue with three serial entrepreneurs on ASEAN – China digital connectivity

On 27 July, Business China held its 10th dialogue at the Warehouse Hotel with 26 attendees that engaged in an exclusive sharing session on “ASEAN-China Digital Connectivity”. Two serial entrepreneurs from the technology industry –Mr Nick Yang, founder of Angel investment fund Lebox Capital and Ms Denise Peng, co-founder of – shared their personal entrepreneurship experiences and valuable insights on ASEAN-China technology developments.

During the panel discussion, Mr Nick Yang predicted in English that, “China’s economy is not going to be a slowdown, it’s going to be a collapse,” receiving divided responses from the audience. However, he also stated that the economy is developing well, and this was just a forecast he saw in a longer future if China does not change its way of business.

Being the only female speaker of the evening, Ms Denise Peng is also one of the few female leaders in China’s internet industry. Having accumulated more than 15 years of experience in the field, she actively shared her extensive entrepreneurship experience with the audience present.

Questions were fielded during the Q&A session at the end of the panel discussion, as members of the audience probed deeper into the topics shared and gained further insights into the evening’s discussion.

Apart from the two speakers, Business China’s Chairman Mr Lee Yi Shyan and CEO Ms Tin Pei Ling, His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Qawi of Brunei also joined the session on Friday. Editor of Chinese Media Group Digital at Singapore Press Holdings, Ms Ang Yiting was the moderator of the event.

In relation to the theme, Ms Tin Pei Ling shared in her welcome remarks, “As the digital hub of ASEAN, Singapore enjoys many links with China and we hope to continue this positive trend in the future. And indeed, the opportunities for greater digital connectivity across China, Singapore and the rest of ASEAN are aplenty.

The Business China Dialogue series features experts from the business sector and government to provide insights into current issues of the day. Members of Business China are invited to the exclusive sharing and networking sessions.