For Professionals
29 Mar 2018

Business China Dialogue by Ms Lim Sau Hoong

The sixth Business China Dialogue was held on 29 March 2018, with Guest Speaker Ms Lim Sau Hoong, an award-winning local advertisement guru, sharing her insights into the developments and trends of brand design, as well as its role in event and brand promotion. The talk was very well-received and was over-subscribed in terms of numbers (105pax).

Over the past 30 years, Ms Lim has helped renowned international brands create successful market positioning, creative advertisements and branding strategies by beautifully marrying both eastern and western cultures through the use of copywriting, visual design and music.

She noted that the real value of a brand lies not only in maximising profit but also in building up its emotional appeal, establishing a strong personal link in a customer to the brand which would in turn lead to purchases through this instilled sense of brand loyalty.

Ms Lim also shared the success story of the Singapore Teochew Festival 2014. The all-round branding efforts of Singapore Teochew Festival 2014 not only repositioned and redefined the clan association’s culture but also injected modern elements into a brand previously perceived as conservative and overtly traditional.

While the majority of Ms Lim’s clients were international brands, she revealed that she hopes to be able to contribute more to the growth of local brands to help these clients grow and shine on the global stage.

When asked about her views on the current media environment, Ms Lim commented that successful brand building includes certain crucial components: the quality of the product, the client’s personality and corporate culture, the choice of media platforms, a healthy budget, as well as creative taste. Each of these components is essential and irreplaceable when crafting a successful brand strategy.

She also remarked that local companies generally lack a deep and comprehensive understanding of its own brand value. Only with the basic foundation of a good product on which to launch a strong branding strategy from as well as a combination of emotional and creative messaging, can we then fully express and display the true appeal of our local brands globally.

In the era of a dynamic and ever-changing society, where phenomena such as the rise of Artificial Intelligence and a highly interconnected online marketplace exists, Ms Lim suggested that creative marketers and companies should embrace rather than resist change in such an environment by constantly learning and adapting to these rapid trends to ensure that branding and advertising remain relevant and coherent for this new generation and the next.

In the recent three years, Ms Lim has been taking on the role of a creative consultant for several start-ups. The dialogue session is her second public talk over the past three years.