2 February 2021

Business China Chairman congratulates Tianfu Association (Singapore) on 21 years of establishment

Business China Chairman, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, was invited to attend the 21st Anniversary Celebration of Tianfu Association (Singapore) on 29 January. This is the second consecutive year that Mr Lee has been invited to grace the event.  He delivered a speech congratulating Tianfu Association for their contributions over the past 21 years in Singapore. Tianfu Association (Singapore) is the first new immigrant association established locally for more than 20 years (10 years after the establishment of diplomatic relations between Singapore and China 30 years ago). Tianfu Association is also the first association formed by new Chinese immigrants.

In his speech, Mr Lee emphasised on Singapore’s calm response to the two crises in 1998 and 2019 respectively, as well as the unity and trust between the government and citizens. This strong solidarity enabled the country to quickly launch a series of effective response measures to mitigate the situation and promote economic recovery, thereby minimising any negative impact.

“As one of the core members of society, Tianfu Association can play a greater role and make more contributions (in Singapore)”, Mr Lee said. He believes that Tianfu Association has made many benefactions to the unity of the society, progress of the country, development of science and technology, and the prosperity of the economy in the past 21 years. 


In recognition of Tianfu Association’s contribution to Singapore’s society, Mr Lee presented the Special Advisor Award, Long Service Contribution Award and Appreciation Award to 30 members at the event. He also took the opportunity to wish Tianfu Association for another prosperous and vibrant upcoming 20 years.