20 November 2020

Business China CEO speaks on Singapore’s opportunity as a global tech hub


On 20 November 2020, Business China CEO Ms Tin Pei Ling was invited to speak at the inaugural Sino-Singapore Summit for Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence organised by China Association for Science and Technology and co-organised by Business China. Participants ranging from entrepreneurs, specialists, scholars and officials were present at this high-level forum to discuss popular topics such as the latest developments, challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence.

During the afternoon opening speech, Ms Tin shared on Singapore’s effort transitioning towards an international centre for technology and innovation while developing Singapore’s tech ecosystem and the four key advantages as the science and technology hub. First, Superior Digital Infrastructure; second, strong intellectual property (IP) framework; third, world-class innovation environment; fourth, emphasis on tech talents. In the 2020 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) Singapore ranked third globally and first in the Asia Pacific region. The popularisation of AI technology will drive 10 to 18 percent (10-18%) of regional GDP growth, which is expected to reach SGD 1 trillion.

At the summit, experts from top research institutes and corporate leaders from Singapore and China gathered to share insights on the latest development of artificial intelligence, such as " Exploring the breadth and depth of AI Robotics" and "Machine Learning of Information and Sensory”.

Lastly, Ms Tin is glad to see the partnership between Business China and the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence in this Summit, and through such Sino-Singapore activities; establishing long-term dialogue mechanism and promoting bilateral cooperation in economic and talent exchanges. The Summit, comprising government representatives and corporate leaders, had insightful exchanges and ended on a positive note.