18 Sep 2020

Thriving in the New World Order with Resilience

FutureChina Global Forum 2020 (FCGF) Special Virtual Edition concluded the three days’ annual meetings on a high note with over 1,300 regional delegates attending the final day of the forum. This annual flagship event brought to the audience refreshing China-ASEAN perspectives through Singapore lens on global hot-button issues. The meeting concluded on a positive note highlighting the new opportunities in the new world as well as the importance of building resilience in the region and within the corporates. 

Conducted virtually, the theme for the third day FCGF is “New Globalisation and Data-Enabled Services – the future of Global Flow”. The Forum attracted an average attendance of over 1,200 regional delegates per day, of which 27% were from China, 25% from ASEAN and the remaining 48% were from Singapore and rest of the world. 

One of the highlights for the third day of FCGF was the much anticipated “In Conversation Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr Chan Chun Sing”.  Minister Chan graced the event as the Guest-of-Honour for Day 3 of FCGF 2020.

In the session with Minister Chan on the topic of “Capturing opportunities innovatively in a more resilient ASEAN-China economy with Singapore”, he shed light on how China positions herself as a force of good and demonstrate leadership in the new world order that can bring about trust and prosperity for the region. He stressed the importance of connectivity between countries, where "the most prosperous era of China in the course of history has been most connected with the rest of the world in terms of trade and exchange." Question was raised to Minister Chan on how ASEAN as a whole and Singapore in particular, can stay neutral and still maintain the relevance and competitive edge, Minister Chan emphasised that Singapore has strong relationships with both the US and China, and Singapore is of unique relevance to both of them. Singapore is and will continue to be a neutral platform and a connector serving the regional market.

In the main panel discussion, the forum is honoured to have H.E. Winston Set Aung, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry, Myanmar, H.E. Cesar Purisima, Former Secretary of Finance, Republic of the Philippines; Founding Partner, IKHLAS Capital, and Mr Andy Yan, Chairman, Zall Holdings. The discussion revolved around the opportunities emerging from the digitally more connected global economy. Most speakers agreed that industries related to digital economy and green infrastructure would be placed in a comparatively more favourable position. Projects that are favoured and will survive through the dynamic world are those that are strategic, of the right size and are commercially viable. Speakers also mentioned the importance of trust and transparency in ASEAN that will be critical factors to propel the economy ahead in the future.

Over the past three days of FCGF 2020, many intriguing topics have been raised and discussed, ranging from capitalisation and regionalisation to building corporate resilience through technology and to the future of global flow. The strong line-up of speakers gave their opinions and insights based on their rich experience, factual researches, and their first-hand market observations. They are optimistic about the future despite the COVID-19 challenges we are facing now.  Most speakers strongly believes that innovation is the key to open up the future of countless opportunities and will bring countries a few steps forward in their development.

Many of the companies in the private sectors have stepped up to develop futuristic products and solutions, which were showcased in the exhibition zone of FCGF. The 22 interesting booths by various regional companies is available for viewing till 15 October 2020.

The three-day long FutureChina Global Forum 2020 (Special Virtual Edition) has officially concluded with an optimistic and opportunistic view of the future, where countries and industries will continue to re-invent themselves constantly to survive and thrive in the ever-changing post-COVID-19 world.