For Youths
25 Sep 2020

Business China Youth Series – Work Trends for Post-COVID 19: Opportunities and Challenges for Singaporean Youths

Business China organised the fourth Youth Series - “Work Trends for Post-COVID 19: Opportunities and Challenges for Singaporean Youths” with China’s first listed human resource service company, Career International Co Ltd, on 22 September 2020. The bilingual session with simultaneous interpretation attracted more than 80 participants who engaged in lively discussion with Ms Celine Li, General Manager of Career International and Ms Frances Zheng, Associate Director, RPO Solutions, Career International. Business China Youth Chapter member, Li MuHan was the simultaneous interpreter for the session.

During the webinar, Career International’s human resource experts talked about the current employment trends, opportunities, and challenges of the global human resources market in the post-pandemic era, and the most common job search problems faced by youths.   

COVID-19 has brought along fundamental challenges and major changes to many businesses and individuals from all walks of life. Despite the gloomy global economic outlook and ongoing pandemic, Ms Celine Li highlighted that some industries are still experiencing growth, such as IT and software, biomedical, e-commerce, finance and insurance as well as the online education industries.

In coping with the various uncertainties and challenges in the current employment market, Ms Frances Zheng encouraged participants to explore their potentials and emphasised on the importance of youths adopting the growth mindset as they venture out in a new job. This can be achieved by actively seeking new opportunities, willing to embrace changes and challenges as well as remaining resilient and hopeful in all circumstances.

During the Q&A session, the speakers discussed and gave insights on how youths could enhance their chances of securing a job through improving the presentation of their resume. Ms Celine Li also highlighted that amongst the opportunities present for Singaporean youths are potential openings provided by Chinese companies based in Singapore. Singaporean youths can also cast their eyes on companies in the Chinese market which are increasingly recruiting global talents. She shared that possessing specific skillsets and specialisations are key to the opportunities in the global job market.

Business China Youth Series aims to cultivate and heighten the interest of bilingualism and biculturalism among youths and ignite a passion in them to take action in their various pursuits. Experienced speakers, armed with deep knowledge and insights in their respective fields, are invited to share on an array of topics curated for youths, such as - Understanding of the China Market, Singapore-China Relations, History and Culture, Technology and New Trends and Career Advancement. Through this Series of talks, Business China aims to prepare and equip youths with various practical skills to be career and global-ready in this time and age. 

The next Business China Youth Series will take place on 21 October 2020, please stay tuned and follow Business China’s Facebook page for more details!