20 September 2018
For Professionals

Business China Dialogue US Former Deputy Assistant State Secretary Dr Evan Feigenbaum on US and Asia Economy

Business China held its monthly dialogue session on 20 September at the Shangri-La Hotel. In this month’s dialogue, Vice Chairman of the Paulson Institute at The University of Chicago, Dr Evan Feigenbaum shared his insights with our members on the topic of "US and Asia, The Path Ahead".

From 2001 to 2009, Dr Feigenbaum served at the U.S. State Department as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central Asia.

With his extensive experience as a China-watcher, Dr Feigenbaum shared his observations on China’s economy, Sino-US ties and the looming trade war between the two countries. He said that the common perception in US on China’s approach towards international norms and institutions was too simplistic. He held the view that China’s global strategy was portfolio diversification, and not the replacement of institutions and systems.

Dr Feigenbaum also said that the US’ perception of China has to “move from structure to behaviour”, in turn encouraging China to become a more responsible stakeholder in international norms. On concerns over the Chinese economy, Dr Feigenbaum expected that market reforms would continue, but the opening of the market would not feature as much.

During the Q&A session, more than 30 attendees who sat in for the dialogue session engaged in a lively discussion with Dr Feigenbaum and brought back fruitful insights from the interaction.  

The dialogue was moderated by Mr Ravi Velloor, Associate Editor of The Straits Times. CEO of Business China, Ms Tin Pei Ling, also attended the dialogue and presented tokens of appreciation to both Dr Feigenbaum and Mr Velloor at the end of the session.

The Business China Dialogue series features experts from the business sector and government to provide insights into trending international issues. Members of Business China are invited to the exclusive sharing and networking sessions.