28 October 2020
For Youths

Business China Youth Series: Reinventing Yourself: Who will you be Post-COVID-19?

Business China organised the fifth Youth Series, titled “Reinventing Yourself: Who will you be Post-COVID-19?” on 21 October 2020. Business China’s young business leaders, Mr. Calvin Yeo, Executive Director of J.P. Morgan and Mr. Lien Choong Luen, Singapore Head of Gojek shared their vast experience in China and the regional market as well as their personal and professional reinvention journey.

In her welcome remarks, Business China CEO Ms Tin Pei Ling shared that “With every change, there lies opportunities. And as young people out there, I'm sure this is also a very precious time for all of us to learn something new and to be more resilient, adapt, and get ready for what lies ahead of us."

The session moderated by Mr. Jackson Kwa, CEO and Co-founder of TechSociety Group and 1 Byte Group attracted more than 90 participants. In their sharing, both speakers emphasised that it was important for youths to continuously learn in order to stretch their potential and to stay resilient.

During the dialogue session, Mr. Lien shared his experience when he stepped out of his comfort zone; from a battalion commander in the Singapore Armed Forces to an Associate in a Chinese company. As such, he emphasised the need for youths to keep an open mind and act with humility during the process of adapting to new challenges and environment.

Youths were also encouraged to actively seek out mentorships and internship opportunities to gain work experience and discover the skillsets that are required for their future career. Both speakers also highlighted that internships are invaluable opportunities for youths to network with like-minded peers and industry leaders in order to gain meaningful insights on a particular industry.

In response to questions from the participants on how youths today could navigate the increasingly challenging terrain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both speakers mentioned that youths must stay resilient amidst the challenges. Quoting Winston Churchill’s “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”, the speakers encouraged participants to focus their attention on mastering transferable skills and to demonstrate passion and excellence in whatever they do.

With the pandemic causing uncertainties in the economy, graduates may face a rocky start in securing employment and establishing their career. Youths may also rethink and reset their goals. In this challenging period, graduates can explore beyond their current difficulties and reflect on the lessons taught within and outside of their classes while being ready for the economic recovery. Drawing lessons from the speakers, Business China hopes that youths can proactively reinvent and redevelop themselves to better prepare for the post-COVID world.  

The next Business China Youth Series will be taking place on 11 November 2020, please stay tuned and follow Business China’s Facebook page for more details!