27 October 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Special: The Future of US-China Relations and its Impact on ASEAN

Business China and Milken Institute cordially invites you to FC Global Business Series - 2020 US Presidential Election Special: The Future of US-China Relations and its Impact on ASEAN on 6 November 2020

This webinar is co-organised with Milken Institute.

The details of the exclusive sharing webinar are as follows:

Date               : 6 November 2020

Time                : 9am – 10.15am (Singapore Time)

Theme            : 2020 US Presidential Election Special: The Future of US-China Relations and its Impact on ASEAN 

Synopsis         : Join us for a discussion on how the results of the 2020 US Election will impact the future of US-China relations and ASEAN’s economic development. The world’s two largest economies have been in a long-drawn trade war and the conflict has expanded to include technology. Both sides have numerous trades of words and perspectives on the issues of cooperation, transparency and international practices. Are these public displays of differences and animosity mostly bark and no bite? What will be the priorities of the US president for the next term? Given the importance of the US-China relationship, how should corporate leaders, business owners and investors navigate this rocky environment and will there be areas for cooperation between the two economies on commonalities? How would ASEAN find the strategic equilibrium in the new global post-election world.

  • How would the elections change the trade relations with USA and China? How should businesses prepare themselves for the changes? 
  • China will continue to deepen their innovations and expand into the other markets. What are the opportunities ahead that businesses can look forward to? 
  • How would ASEAN respond to the new global post-election world? 

This event is the seventh in a new series of webinars launched by Business China, titled FC Global Business Series, which focuses on sharing the latest trends and insights concerning China, ASEAN and the world.

Language: Chinese / English with Simultaneous Interpretation

For more information: https://www.futurechina.sg/en/fc-global-business-series/2020-us-presidential-election-special-the-future-of-us-china-relations-and-its-impact-on-asean/

Registration link attached as below: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_5xtbHZIiQYqJbbry0Xkpag

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