27 December 2019

In remembrance of Mr Li Rongrong, 2015 Business China Excellence Award Recipient, Founding Chairman of SASAC

In remembrance of Mr Li Rongrong, 2015 Business China Excellence Award Recipient, Founding Chairman, China State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) and Vice Chairman, China Center for International Economic Exchanges 

Mr Li Rongrong was accorded the Business China Excellence Award in 2015 for his exemplary contributions towards Singapore-China relations. During his tenure as Chairman of China’s SASAC, he initiated interaction and collaboration between SASAC and the Singapore business community. Through his frequent visits to Singapore with his team in SASAC, they adapted and promoted Singapore’s best practices in corporate governance and integrated these practices with China’s realities. He played an active role in advocating extensive knowledge transfer and frequent exchanges between Singapore business leaders and their counterparts in China. Mr Li’s relentless efforts have enhanced awareness and increased mindshare of Singapore in China. His contributions helped to build up mutual understanding and trust in the public and business sectors, culminating in a sustainable long-term partnership between Singapore and China. 

Mr Li showed strong support to Business China’s mission of developing a cultural and economic bridge linking the world and China through his active participation in Business China’s events. In 2017, he attended Business China’s 10th Anniversary in Singapore amidst his busy schedule and readily agreed to be in the judging panel for the Business China Awards 2019. This is a form of recognition and morale booster towards Business China’s efforts in promoting bilateral relations between Singapore and China.   

Business China deeply appreciates Mr Li Rongrong's support and his contributions to strengthening Singapore-China relationsHe will be dearly missed. 

For Mr Li Rongrong's award acceptance video: https://youtu.be/EX4bo8QAuDQ