22 September 2018
For Professionals

Award-winning Chinese Author Yan Lianke Shares Obstacles Faced By Contemporary Writers

Business China and Lianhe Zaobao jointly invited award-winning Chinese author Mr Yan Lianke to speak at the Eminent Speaker Series.

On 22 September, Mr Yan Lianke spoke at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

In the two-hour session, Mr Yan spoke on the obstacles faced by contemporary Chinese writers, telling audiences the story of a different side of China.

One of the obstacles which contemporary Chinese writers faced, according to Mr Yan, was having too many sources of inspiration. Mr Yan said, “It is not that we do not have stories to write, but we are bounded by too many stories. You would not know which story is more important, which is more complicated.” When reality becomes excessively unreal, it would turn into an obstacle for writers.

Mr Yan’s lively dialogue received rousing applause from the audience and ended with a Q&A session.

Mr Yan Lianke’s works have been critically acclaimed around the world. His works include ‘The Explosion Chronicles’, ‘The Dimming Sun’ and ‘The Four Books’ and others. He was also the winner of Franz Kafka Prize in 2014.