Singapore Digital Economy Forum 2022

With the objective to connect international industry players and relevant government agencies to support Singapore’s smart nation and digital economy vision, Business China is pleased to organise this must-attend event, Singapore Digital Economy Forum 2022.

With the main theme, ‘The Bridge between the Physical and Virtual Economy’, this bilingual event explores what it takes to transit from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, as well as other aspects of a virtual economy that you should know. Join key thought leaders and learn how you can contribute to the ever growing digital economy needs in Singapore.

Event Overview

The event comprises 3 main sections - the Forum, the Masterclass and the Youth Masterclass.

Theme: The Bridge between the Physical and Virtual Economy

The keyword of our theme, “Bridge”, echoes the position of Singapore in our digital economy development today, as we are in a transition state, from being largely reliant on physical economy, to achieving a healthy balance between physical and virtual economy. As we embrace the era of Web 3.0, dealing with concepts such as Metaverse and Blockchain, virtual economy is believed to be one of the main engines in building a digital nation.

However, it is equally important to construct bridges in a multi-pronged facet to better protect the interest of all stakeholders, from individuals to government, and ensure an optimum ecosystem that allows physical and virtual economy to co-exist, contributing to our development.

Get the latest insights on different bridges that play a part in aiding private enterprises to better adapt the digital changes, improving current rules and regulation about the Metaverse, as well as improving Singapore’s Digital Economy ecosystem.

  • Accelerating the Growth of Digital Economy: Collaboration between Web 2.0 institution and Web 3.0 networks
  • Up-teching: Reimagining Data Sharing with Web 3.0
  • The Future of Digital Nation: De-centralised Identifiers (DID), Soulbound Token (SBT), Non-Fungible Token (NFT)
  • Virtually Unlimited: Innovation and Practices by Financial Institutions and Businesses
  • Sowing the Seeds of Web 3.0 Financial Products: CBDC, Stablecoins, Tokenisation
  • DeFining Future Banking Landscape with DeFi Innovations: Custodian & dApps
  • Embracing a New Age of Finance: Regulating a Safer Economic Space for All
  • For a Better Future: Creating a Safer Web 3.0 Space

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