Transformation to the Web 3.0 Ecosystem

As the traditional players embrace and transform products and services to leverage the opportunities enabled by Web 3.0 technologies, what are the critical issues to be resolved?

The roundtable will bring together industry experts to discuss the following key areas:

Roundtable Topic 1: Development of Web 3.0 Infrastructure
  • High performance public blockchain and development of Layer-2 blockchain in conjunction with Web 2.0 and traditional industries.
  • Decentralised construction model of physical infrastructure network, including low-cost decentralised storage and convenient search device.

Roundtable Topic 2: Web 2.0 Companies Embracing Web 3.0
  • Use of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) in traditional industries.
  • Security Token Offerings (STOs) best in-class cases.
  • Use of Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) in payments.

The discussions also aim to catalyse conversations between industry, and key government agencies in Singapore, to further promote the healthy development of the Web 3.0 ecosystem in Singapore.