The Xchange programme encourages Business China Youth Chapter (BCYC) members to plan, organise and lead their own interest sessions, bringing like-minded members closer together in a relaxed and fun way. Members can form different interest groups and apply for grants to fund their activities. This programme aims to foster closer relationships among members who share common interests, while at the same time creating opportunities for members to broaden their areas of interest and widen their social circles.


Since its founding in 2010, the Business China Youth Chapter (BCYC) has seen many of its bilingual and bicultural members advance and succeed in a variety of industries, including finance, civil service, trade, investment and many more. Through a 60-minute mentor-chat session over coffee, younger BCYC members can learn about the senior's Singapore-China experiences and industry insights. This is also a great opportunity for senior members to give back to the BCYC community in a meaningful way, which helps foster a culture of knowledge sharing and the development of a close-knit community.


The Xperience programme aims to give members a wide array of exposure to events and activities, such as valuable opportunities to get close to political office holders, industry leaders and academia in closed-door dialogues curated by Business China Youth Chapter members, in which members can acquire knowledge and exchange views with the speakers on an array of topics across geopolitics, business, technology, culture and more. Besides engaging in intellectual conversations, BCYC members can also expect to participate in corporate visits, international forums, as well as BCYC activities and gatherings.


BCYC sees the importance of fostering a good relationship with Chinese youths. Every year, BCYC interacts with students from various universities in China, creating a platform for members to promote Singapore to their Chinese friends. Through this, members not only expand their social network, but also have a chance to communicate and learn more about China and its culture through Chinese youths.