Exclusive, Strategic, Exceptional

Who should attend the Programme

The Business China Advanced Leaders Programme is designed primarily for individuals who have been identified as future leaders or senior management of organisations who hold significant responsibilities for strategic decision-making and operations related to China.

Potential Participants:

  • Business leaders and heads of business units
  • High-potential senior managers & executives
  • Next-generation business owners
  • Directors of government agencies with substantial links to China
  • C-suite executives of Singapore SMEs
  • Soonicorn / unicorn entrepreneurs

Building the Bonds of Success

Chinese elites, including business and government leaders, take great pride in their heritage. Gaining an insider's understanding of China will give participants a distinct cultural advantage in a world where 'guanxi' matters. An intimate awareness of Chinese culture will help participants deepen ties with their Chinese stakeholders on a personal level.

Leveraging Business China and its supporting partners’ close links with their Chinese counterparts in academic, government, business and industry circles, participants will be given the opportunity to expand their business networks and gain practical expertise. Field trips, study visits, networking sessions and cultural events form an integral part of participants' exposure to real-life Chinese business experiences.

Programme Admission

We welcome candidates from all parts of the world. Admission is selective and based on professional achievement and organisational responsibilities.

Programme Fee

Thank you for your interest in our Advanced Leaders Programme(ALP). Stay tuned to our website and social media for more information on the 2024 ALP.

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