Perception, Appreciation, Immersion

Participants Testimonials

William Chang
Senior Vice President
Joint Ventures & Government Relationships Sembcorp China

The ALP 2019 programme has been beneficial to government officials in the economic domain given the (I) focus on the economic development of the GBA and reviewing how Singapore and Singapore companies can plug more closely into this development and (II) networking with key company executives who are participants in this delegation, as well as through the visits to Chinese companies. I will strongly encourage economic agencies that have key officials working on closer economic ties with China to participate in this programme.

Angela, Liu Chang
New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd

It is meaningful for Business China to conduct such a study programme. The ability to bring together so many talented young people, with a targeted gathering of quality resources, is of tremendous help in analysing past successes and inspiring more innovative wisdom and efforts. It creates a general environment in enhancing the deep and broad understanding of young aspirants from Singapore and China on the economy, trade, society, culture, and education of each other's countries.

Soh Leng Wan
Assistant Chief Executive Officer (Manufacturing & Engineering)
Enterprise Singapore

Through the programme, I have gained a better appreciation of the political developments in China and a cultural perspective of Chinese politics which is very relevant to my business. In addition, I have a better understanding of the efforts entrepreneurs put in when starting up a new business which is very inspiring. And of course, the special friendships and bonds that were developed throughout the three-part programme.

Jube Zhong
Assistant CEO & Executive Director
Yanlord Land Group

I really like the hands-on and very practical experience that we have in the second segment where the whole class went to China for the experiential learning journey. I think these closed-door discussions with government leaders and Sino-experts from both Singapore and China gave the whole class a better understanding of China’s changing landscape.

Clyde Lee
Fabregas Investment Pte Ltd

I think this Programme is extremely well educated and would recommend people to join. Through this course, I was able to get a first-hand view of how other companies approach new technology and processes. From there, I can think about whether I can implement a certain percentage of what I feel is of value to my company.

Dmitry Barkov
General Manager
Sport & Fashion Management Pte Ltd

The economic and political situation in China is developing so fast that one cannot afford to not be updated. This course provides a really unique opportunity to look at China from a different angle.

Edwin Chew
Director & Chief Executive Officer
Okura Flexible Automation Systems Pte Ltd

Before we started the course, I thought I had some knowledge about China, but now that we are finishing the course, I find that I know nothing much about China. There is a lot to learn. This course is very comprehensive and has a lot of breadth and depth.

Timothy Chen
Company Director
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Corporation

This course is a must for entry-level or veterans in China Business. It provides the up-to-date version of Chinese thinking, economic, and political challenges, and the difference in Chinese and Western philosophies’ effects on business behaviour.