Perception, Appreciation, Immersion

The Programme

The Business China Advanced Leaders Programme is conducted once a year and is limited to only 25 participants each year.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT - More than just theory, the Programme is designed to provide an immersive opportunity for participants to gain a first-hand understanding of China. The curriculum is specifically created to promote interaction among a diverse mix of participants and their China counterparts. The Programme's focus on opportunities for dialogues, networking events, and study visits form the foundation for highly effective experiential learning.

LANGUAGE MEDIUM - Providing the most effective learning experience, the Programme will be conducted primarily in English. For activities conducted in Mandarin, simultaneous English interpretation will be available.

STRUCTURE AND DURATION - The Advanced Leaders Programme 2023 will be held in Q3 and Q4.

The first segment will be classroom-based in Singapore. This segment aims to increase participants’ mindshare towards China’s latest political and economic development alongside cultural appreciation.

The second segment will be held in China. This segment will allow participants to study and understand the potential business opportunities in China, and what are some of the investment opportunities and incentives for foreign enterprises.

Programme Covers:

Experiential Learning Journey To China

Participants of the Business China Advanced Leaders Programme will have the opportunity to visit both key and potential provinces for an in-depth cultural and historical immersion learning journey. The China segment is specially designed and intertwined with an intensive programme that will allow participants to learn and experience China's rich historical and cultural background, as well as to understand and explore investment and development opportunities in the selected cities.

Participants can look forward to broadening their horizons and uncovering emerging opportunities from another fruitful and eye-opening learning journey.

Chinese Arts And Culture

An appreciation of the finer points of Chinese culture creates important avenues for building beneficial interpersonal relationships. The series of topics covered in this segment will impart a first-hand experience of the most ubiquitous aspects of Chinese culture. The arts & culture segment will allow participants to gain insights and useful talking points, facilitating better connections with their Chinese business counterparts.

Topics include:

  • Appreciating Chinese Tea and Wine Culture
  • Appreciating and Understanding the History of Chinese Paintings, Poetry, and Music
  • Discovering and Savouring the Origins of Chinese Cuisines
  • Learning the Symbolism of Calligraphy
  • Understanding the Impact of Cultural Values on Business Negotiation

Networking Opportunities

Tapping into deeply cultivated business and governmental networks in China, the Programme offers participants the opportunity to foster invaluable connections with key stakeholders to further their business interests in the country.

Opportunities include:

  • Dining with industry leaders and established academics in Singapore and China
  • Sharing sessions and panel discussions with elite business leaders and government officials in Singapore and China
  • Networking sessions with Business China's Board of Directors, Business China’s supporting partners, and ALP alumni

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